Integrate Outlook with EasyCalendar

EasyCalendar will automatically create event on your Outlook account. Automate your email process for scheduling an event to a single booking and the meetings that matter.


Create Events in Outlook Calendar through EasyCalendar

By integrating your Outlook account with EasyCalendar, you get to create your events on Outlook Calendar from EasyCalendar itself.
View your appointments

View your EasyCalendar appointments on Outlook Calendar as well as your EasyCalendar Dashboard.

Check for Availability

Prevent double-bookings and check for conflicts for a single time slot on EasyCalendar and Outlook.

Sync your EasyCalendar's event with Outlook calendar

Get your appointment logged to your Outlook calendar with all the details. Also you can enable check for conflict with Outlook calendar

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How EasyCalendar works?

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