Why should I join EasyCalendar?

EasyCalendar helps you schedule meetings without back-and-forth emails and automate them by integrating with other business tools.

    Handle prospects, leads & customers with in-built CRM

    Setup reminders over SMS & Emails for your invitees

    Handle hands-off meetings with Instant Meet

    Set your calendars to let your invitees book for multiple slots

    Manually Accept/Decline your appointments

    Multiple Language Support for calendars

EasyCalendar is awesome! (The support team is very professional and customer service is of the highest quality which is extremely important for us).

We’ve had a few requests to make customizations to the service in accordance with our business needs and have always been answered with a fast and satisfying response. EasyCalendar has made our workflow better and increased our overall productivity. I have already recommended EasyCalendar to my peers and would gladly keep recommending it in the future to everyone in need of an efficient and reliable scheduling service.

Canadian Benefits Association

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